25 AUG - 11 SEP, 1960
India: Ranked 32nd
1 Medal - Silver: 1
S. No Name Medal Sports Discipline

Shankar Laxman

Prithipal Singh

Jaman Lal Sharma

Leslie Claudius

Charanjit Singh

Govind Sawant

Gindi Singh

V. J. Peter

Jaswant Singh

Udham Singh

Raghbir Singh Bhola

Joe Antic

Mohinder Lal

SilverHockeyMen’s Hockey
A contingent of 45 athletes represented India in the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome, competing in over 20 events. Legendary athlete Milkha Singh set the tracks ablaze with his improved qualification timing on each run in the 400 meters event; Singh finished 4th with a timing of 45.6, an Indian record that was unbroken till the 1984 Games. Since their first appearance in the 1928 Games, this was the first time the men's hockey team had to settle for Silver. The 1960 Olympians also include:
S. No Name Sports Discipline

Bahadur Chettri Ram

Dharmalingam Kannan

Dhillon Singh Jarnail

Menon Chandrasekhar

Peter Thangaraj

PK Banerjee

Sheikh Abdul Latif

Simon Sunder Raj

Subimal Goswami

Tulasidas Balaram

Youssef Khan

Mariappa Kempaiah

FootballMen’s Football
2 Milkha SinghAthleticsMen’s 400M
3 B.V. SatyanarayanAthleticsMen's High Jump
4 B.V. SatyanarayanAthleticsMen's Long Jump
5 Virsa SinghAthleticsMen's High Jump
6 Virsa SinghAthleticsMen's Long Jump
7 Lal ChandAthleticsMen's Marathon
8 Jagmal SinghAthleticsMen's Marathon
9 Ranjit BhatiaAthleticsMen's Marathon
10 Ranjit BhatiaAthleticsMen's 5000M
11 Jagmohan SinghAthleticsMen's 110M Hurdles
12 Paul Cheema SinghShootingMen’s 25M Pistol
13 Karni SinghShootingMen’s Trap
14 Sen KeshavShootingMen’s Trap
15 Laxmi Kanta DasWeightliftingMen’s Weightlifting
16 S. ShiamWrestlingMen’s Under 62KG Freestyle
17 Gian PrakashWrestlingMen’s Under 67KG Freestyle
18 Udey Chand WrestlingMen’s Under 73KG Freestyle
19 Madho SinghWrestlingMen’s Under 79KG Freestyle
20 Sajjan SinghWrestlingMen’s Under 87KG Freestyle