Jul 1980 - 03 Aug, 1980

India: Ranked 23

1 Medals - Gold: 1,Silver: 0, Bronze: 0

Name Medal Sports Discipline
indian men's hockey team Gold  Gold Hockey Men’s Hockey

India ranked 23rd in the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow. The 22nd Summer Olympic Games saw participation of a bigger contingent, as India fielded teams in women’s hockey, basketball and equestrian amongst other sports. Team India also saw more women athletes participating than ever before at the Moscow Games. Indian men’s hockey team won Gold, placing India 23rd that year. Indian Olympians at the 1980 Moscow Olympics are:

Name Sports Discipline
Subramanian Perumal Athletics Men's 200M
Sriram Singh Athletics Men's 800M
Sant Kumar Athletics Men's 1,500M
Hari Chand Athletics Men's 10,000M
Hari Chand Athletics Men's Marathon
Shivnath Singh Athletics Men's Marathon
Bahadur Singh Chauhan Athletics Men's Shot Put
Ranjit Singh Athletics Men's 20KM Walk
P. T. Usha Athletics Women's 100M
Geeta Zutshi Athletics Women's 800M
Geeta Zutshi Athletics Women's 1,500M
Adille Sumariwalla Athletics 100M
Gopal Saini Athletics men's 5000M
Parvez Irani Diniar Basketball Men’s Basketball
Chopra Ajmer Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Tarlok Sandhu Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Paramdip Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Shyam Radhey Basketball Men’s Basketball
Baldev Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Dilip Gurumurthy Basketball Men’s Basketball
Paramjit Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Nagarajan Amarnath Basketball Men’s Basketball
Jorawar Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Rathore Uman Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Harbhajan Singh Basketball Men’s Basketball
Thapa Birender Singh Boxing Men's Light Flyweight 48KG
Amala Dass Boxing Men's Flyweight 51KG
Ganapathy Manoharan Boxing Men's Bantamweight 54KG
Margaret Toscano Hockey Women’s Hockey
Sudha Chaudhry Hockey Women’s Hockey
Gangotri Bhandari Hockey Women’s Hockey
Rekha Mundphan Hockey Women’s Hockey
Rup Kumari Saini Hockey Women’s Hockey
Varsha Soni Hockey Women’s Hockey
Eliza Nelson Hockey Women’s Hockey
Prem Maya Sonir Hockey Women’s Hockey
Nazleen Madraswalla Hockey Women’s Hockey
Selma d'Silva Hockey Women’s Hockey
Lorraine Fernandes Hockey Women’s Hockey
Harpreet Gill Hockey Women’s Hockey
Balwinder Kaur Bhatia Hockey Women’s Hockey
Geeta Sareen Hockey Women’s Hockey
Nisha Sharma Hockey Women’s Hockey
Hutoxi Bagli Hockey Women’s Hockey
Muhammad Khan Equestrian Men’s Equestrian
Darya Singh Equestrian Men’s Equestrian
Jitendarjit Singh Ahluwalia Equestrian Men’s Equestrian
Hussain Khan Equestrian Men’s Equestrian
Gian Chand Shooting Men’s Shooting
Roy Choudhury Shooting Men’s Shooting
Karni Singh Shooting Men’s Shooting
Randhir Singh Shooting Men’s Shooting
Kartar Dhillon Singh Weightlifting Men’s Weightlifting
Satpal Singh Weightlifting Men’s Weightlifting